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Trigun: Badlands Rumble Trailer Teases You With What You Can’t Have

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Envious? Yeah, I am too.Over on the Trigun official movie site, they’re now streaming one last trailer before the movie makes its international debut at Seattle’s SakuraCon and then hits theaters in April. The trailer shows a bit of the story of the movie, which stars several new characters who apparently ran into Vash the Stampede when they were young and hold some kind of grudge against him – probably related to the Humanoid Typhoon coming through and ruining their hometown when they were young, but that’s just an educated guess on my part.

After reading Kekkai Sensen last week, I’m all psyched about Yasuhiro Nightow’s work again, and this makes me feel even more envious of those Seattle convention attendees who will be getting an advance screening. Argh!

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