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Heroman Trailer Offers American-style Robot Action

Posted on: March 8, 2010

Robot shimapan!

The 2010 spring anime season is approaching quickly, and the news sites are scrambling to keep up with all of the announcements, trailers, and previews that have been flying out as the winter season winds down. The latest trailer over the weekend is Heroman, the exciting collaboration between three industry greats: comic book legend Stan Lee created the concept and story, the veteran Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Darker than Black) is set to work on the animation, and Walt Disney Studios Japan will provide their war chest. If you navigate to their official website and go to the Movie page in the menu – it’s easy to navigate, all of the buttons are in English – then you can see a trailer for the anime, which will debut on April 1st.

Heroman takes place in an imaginary city on the West Coast of America called Center City, where a starry-eyed kid named Joey fixes up a toy robot and optimistically dubs it Heroman. When a lightning bolt strikes his little robot and transforms it into a new and improved Heroman, Joey realizes that he and Heroman are destined for greater things.

When I first heard about this project, I had horrible expectations along the lines of the forgettable Witchblade or even worse, the American Akira spoof video. Thankfully, the trailer and character designs make me think that this anime has an honest chance to make it on its own merits. I’m not crazy enough to think that it’ll be nearly as good as Darker than Black or some of Bones’ other efforts, but with the amount of talent they’ve devoted to this project, it’s at least worth checking out.


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