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Dragon Ball Z Kai Will Introduce a New Generation to Anime on Nicktoons

Posted on: March 11, 2010

The logo gets things right.

Many modern anime fans started at the same place: watching dubbed Dragon Ball Z after school and on the weekends. A generation later, Nicktoons’ announcement of its upcoming anime lineup holds a bit of a surprise: Dragon Ball Z Kai will join the children’s network’s lineup this May. While I personally thought that the remake/remaster of Toriyama Akira’s legendary story would go to Disney XD (current home of Naruto Shippuden), it makes a lot of sense to have it on Nickelodeon.

A lot of attention has been paid to the many edits of Dragon Ball Z Kai, but after Saban’s heavy edits to the series (Home For Infinite Losers, anyone?), it just doesn’t seem that egregious to remove blood and gore from the series to make it easier to market to children. Whether we should be shielding our children from such things is another argument entirely, but the point remains that I don’t think they’ll be missing much of the fun when they watch Dragon Ball in a form that cuts out entire episodes of musclemen standing around and grunting along with blood splatters and the occasional naked bottom.

Besides, with the recent anime industry crunch, it’s a good sign that more shows are showing up on TV and building the next generation of anime fans. Right?

(Source: ToonZone via Mania)


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