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Angel Beats! Trailer Number Eight Finally Shows Real Footage

Posted on: March 15, 2010

Image from ZEN, the artist for the Little Busters! mangaAngel Beats! is on its eighth trailer now, and for once, you’re actually getting animation and the voices to match it. After months of teases involving staff names, stills, interviews, and a half-second of actual animation, the latest trailer actually shows the anime in a semi-completed form.

The story of Angel Beats! provides a slight twist on the usual school life formula, as all of the characters – except the angel, who fills the role of the antagonist – are dead and experiencing the afterlife. Given the pedigree of scenario writer Maeda Jun (Clannad, Air, Kanon), expect a whole lot of character exploration in each episode, which should be interesting given the action-heavy bent of the trailers. We’ll see how it all comes together when it premieres on April 2nd!

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