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Black Lagoon Season 3 Announced As OAV Series

Posted on: March 19, 2010

Expect a whole lot of this.

Expect a whole lot of this.

With the spring anime season already set, the bulk of the news at next week’s Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 will involve the summer and beyond, and the news ramp-up to the big trade show is starting – the Roanapur Tourism Commission, which produces popular action-exploitation series Black Lagoon, announced the long-awaited third season of Black Lagoon will be released as an OAV series titled “Roberta’s Blood Trail.” The first disc will go on sale on July 17th, and the entire season will run 5 discs.

The 5 episodes will presumably cover the long, bloody “El Beile de la Muerte” arc of the manga. Those of you who want to see more of Black Lagoon‘s patented gun porn will be pleased at this announcement, and I’m personally happy that the overly long Baile arc will be finished quickly, since I felt it dragged out way too long.


4 Responses to "Black Lagoon Season 3 Announced As OAV Series"

Umm… 5 discs? Don’t you mean 5 episodes? I hope the OVA doesn’t take ages like Hellsing, now that would really be a killed.

For these OAV series, five discs is the same as five episodes. The business model of an OAV is that sales of the first episode pay for the second episode, which pays for the third… etc. Sometimes they come in twos, but that’s rare these days.

Hmm… So the OVA’s are going to be DVDs? Hope they come out in Blu Ray!

I can’t wait untill this is released , seems to be interesting.

Thanks for letting us know.

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