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Nippon Ichi Reveals Toradora!, Persona Release Details

Posted on: March 22, 2010

It wasn't my thing, but it should find an audience.NIS America’s famous penchant for special editions is serving it well for its upcoming anime releases of Toradora! and Persona: Trinity Soul. The game company-turned-anime company is treating its anime titles like its game releases, putting the entirety of Toradora! and Persona: Trinity Soul in two-disc sets and packaging them with, among other things, full color artbooks and character extras. Both sets comes out in early July, which isn’t a very long wait at all for fans of the high school romantic comedy and the video game adaptation.

In a move that worked out very well for fellow anime licensor for Sentai Filmworks, NIS America is releasing both anime in a low-cost format with no English language voice track. With niche titles like Toradora!, it’s the safe play to try and get the product out there without incurring the extra cost of recording a dub. Since Sentai has recently scraped together enough capital to start dubbing its shows for a wider audience, it seems like it won’t be too long before we’re seeing NIS America following suit – that assumes that the sales do well enough, though.

My pre-order is already in for Toradora!, what about you?

(Source: NIS America product page)


1 Response to "Nippon Ichi Reveals Toradora!, Persona Release Details"

I think it’s a great idea, getting artbooks and stuff with our box sets, at a lower price just to miss out on dubbing, is a good call. Bringing the price down is a definite must if they want US sales, $20 for 3 episodes doesn’t really cut it without some good extra fluff. The lack of dubbing may turn off some people at first, but (mostly) anyone buying anime DVDs has few problems with subtitled series, and the vast majority prefers it. The only reason to dub anymore is to hope for a TV release, and for a high school comedy/drama/romance?….Not a likely spot on Adult Swim.

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