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MM! Anime Ready To Make Masochism Funny

Posted on: March 23, 2010

Oh lord.MM! just became another entry in the “Light novels Dom should probably check out” file, since the publisher of Comic Alive just announced a TV anime project for the risque comedy.

MM! is one of those books that’s hard to explain to your friends – it’s about a young boy named Sado Tarou (A pun on “Sadist Boy”), who has an abnormal problem in his love life. He gets so excited by being verbally and physically abused, he’s afraid it’ll interfere with his ability to get a girlfriend and live a normal life. To find a cure for his masochism he goes to Isurugi Mio’s volunteer club, which claims to be able to fix any student’s problems, no matter how weird or freaky. Unfortunately for him, Mio is more than a little sadistic, so he’s in for a rough ride if he ever wants to live a normal life! And, because there are Rules about this kind of thing, poor Tarou ends up gathering a gaggle of girls who constantly make life more confusing for the bewildered young lad.

The anime doesn’t have a time frame, cast, or staff announced yet, but the drama CD had a pretty stellar cast – we’ll see if they can keep any of them for the anime, or if they’ll have to go the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu route and shake up the entire cast.


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