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B-gata H-kei Trailer Lures You In With Cuteness

Posted on: March 24, 2010

100 sex friends? Yeah right...The spring anime season starts in earnest next season, and to get you excited for their cutesy romantic comedy, the makers of B-gata H-kei have released a trailer that is basically Tamura Yukari sounding cute. It’s not very hard for the girl to sound cute – she’s made her living on it, after all – but it’s a bit deceptive unless you actually know what she’s saying.

See, the little chant she’s chirping in the trailer translates to “Can I make 100 sex friends?” The show acts all cutesy and tries to pass itself off as a regular ol’ rom-com, but it’s really about a girl named Yamada who spends her whole waking life thinking about sex and how she can get it. This is a bewildering thing for the target of her boundless energy, the hapless Takashi, and the whole show centers on her many efforts to get him to ravish her.

If this still sounds cute to you, well – the show starts airing on April 1st, and I’m giving even odds that Crunchyroll will pick up this series for simulcast. Go on, give me a reason they won’t, I dare you!


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