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Occult Academy Anime Coming This Summer

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Do I really want to know?As part of the TAF 2010 newstravaganza, we have a new property ready to take the Anime no Chikara time slot after Sora no Woto and Senkou no Night Raid are done. Say hello to Occult Academy, coming to Japanese TV this July!

The details are sparse right now, but the premise of the show is that Kumashiro Maya inherits a school dedicated to occult studies from her father. Because he dedicated his life to the study of the supernatural, she has a strong distaste for it and everything that the school stands for. When she meets a man who claims to be a time traveler and a spoon-bending telekinetic, she finds herself carried away by the very forces she hates, even time slipping back to 1999, when the school was founded.

I can’t say I’m impressed by this capsule description, but the staff announcement has me at least mildly interested – this anime will be directed by Itou Tomohiko, who was an assistant director for Death Note. We’ll see how I think when the air date is closer and there’s more solid information than an image, a cast list, and a summary.

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