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The World God Only Knows Anime Greenlit

Posted on: April 2, 2010


"We're going to be an anime!"

Remember when I said that popular manga The World God Only Knows was only a matter of time and material away from becoming an anime? Well, according to Moon Phase comments and a few leaked  images, Shogakukan has pulled the trigger on one of its most popular properties, and a Kaminomi anime is mere months away!

Given the archetypal nature of its characters, my friends and I have already started taking bets on which typecast seiyuu will slide into the various roles of the Capturing God’s targets, but that’s a post for another time. With its Shogakukan ties, do you guys think that there’s a chance in hell that VIZ will pick up the manga and the anime, or will they both continue to wallow in obscurity due to the vast cultural gap?


2 Responses to "The World God Only Knows Anime Greenlit"

I’m always one for more anime. After the high I got from Baka no test I’m up for more strange and interesting anime to watch. And I always love cultural gaps. I see them as a way to learn more about another culture. So I hope they do pick this up. It would be one good watch.

had to read the entire series (need sleep…) but know I can go


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