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Chinka Cast Consists of One Person (So Far)

Posted on: April 5, 2010

Cute firefighting. Huh.

Chinka continues to surprise, as the small-studio anime’s first cast announcement consisted of one name repeated four times. Yes, that’s right: up-and-coming voice actress Satou Satomi (you may remember her as the drummer in K-On!) is set to play three lead characters in Danny Choo’s anime: Chinka, Shoka, and Megumi. She’ll also be doing the title call, announcing the name of the episode, but that’s not as newsworthy as one person playing all three lead characters. There’ve been lots of multiple-role actors in animation before, but for the life of me I can’t think of a single show where the entire lead cast was played by a single person.

Does anyone out there have an idea if this has ever happened before, or is this new?


9 Responses to "Chinka Cast Consists of One Person (So Far)"

wow… they must be a REALLY small…..

It would seem to suggest that it’s going to be recorded American-style (single actress recording each role in separate takes) rather than Japanese-style (with a bunch of seiyuu in a studio together playing off each other). Or maybe they’ll just have her record the whole show straight through, with her switching voices midstream, just to be different…

Have you ever seen Nancy Cartwright do the “Rod, Todd, this is God” routine at her talks? She switches seamlessly into the boys. It’s amazing.

I know you may be referring to anime, but in Western Animation is quite common. Maybe not “whole cast” like it seems in this case, but “most of the lead/funny main roles”. Off the top of my head:

-Billy “How many voices can this guy make?” West in Futurama (Fry, professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg and Zap Brannigan)
-Seth McFarlane in Family Guy (Bryan, Peter and Stewie Griffin, Quagmire)
-Regina King in The Boondocks (both the mouthy and the smartass Freeman kids)
-Daran Norris in Fairy Godparents (Cosmo, Papa Turner and Jurgen Von Strangle).

And those are the ones I remember. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m sure Norio Wakamoto did this in Ninin Ga Shinobuden…

Yeah, I know about Billy West and Seth McFarlane, but Satou Satomi is the whole cast of main characters so far. The unannounced cast members are going to voice the silent Mikoto, the cat, the villain, and a random side character.

Wakamoto Norio in Shinobuden talked to himself, sure, but he wasn’t the entire lead cast. Now, if you want to talk about the first 5 minutes of Akane Maniax, which consists of Seki1 talking to himself for the entire time as different characters, that’s more of a comparison…

Ever hear of an actor named Mel Blanc? He was ALL the voices for the Warner Brothers cartoons for 50 years as well as performing hundreds of characters on Radio and for film. He was able to argue with himself using as many as 7 voices and characters, shifting so smoothly you would never know it was one person.
Mel was able to do it and though no one since has been able to do as convincing a job on separate characters, perhaps Satomi san has that rare talent and will be able to pull it off. It is useless to speculate without hearing what she does with the various roles, so I reserve my opinion til then.

While your tone feels oddly insulting, the point stands – he’s been dead for 21 years and he still hasn’t been matched.

Yep, all respects to Mel Blanc.

Not meant as an insult but how can anyone list voice actors, list Seth (who’s “voices” sound like a child playing with action figures and doing their voices) McFarlane and others who’s “different” voices all sound strikingly similar and not even mention Mel Blanc, not to mention the cast of the Simpsons who, while not having much character voice differential, at least can speak like people in a situation as opposed to pods reading a script.
It is not that I blame the American actors since the US threw the tradition and practice on the fire when radio drama died so they have no reason to hone their vocal skills when young but it becomes a case of either ego (I am an awesome actor. I can play all the parts and no one will know they are all me, me,me!) or a cheap studio (we can save 1/4 of a percent bu using these 3 actors and recording them in one pass). Whatever the reason the US is only now starting to develop real voice actors again (and they are still doing small roles for small companies). The interesting thing is these new actors all acknowledge they have studied the old radio performers who really could convince you there were several actors instead of just one.

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