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FUNimation Licenses Eden of the East, Chobits, Spice and Wolf II

Posted on: April 5, 2010


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Over the weekend, FUNimation’s panels at Anime Boston and SakuraCon announced three titles to add to their ever-growing library:

Chobits, CLAMP’s tale about the complex relationship between a young man and his cutely anthropomorphic computer, has been rescued from its limbo state. It was previously licensed by the now-defunct Geneon Entertainment, and last saw DVD release in 2005.

Eden of the East, a trilogy of movies that follow the popular mystery series of the same name.

Spice and Wolf II, a surprisingly low-key fantasy tale that follows a young traveling peddler and his companion, who happens to be a harvest deity in the shape of a young wolf-girl.

Between a Geneon rescue license and two sequels, all three of these announcements were more comforting than exciting. Fans of Chobits will be happy that they can pick up one of FUNimation’s cheap box sets, while fans of Eden of the East and Spice and Wolf pretty much already knew that FUNimation was going to pick up the sequels.

1 Response to "FUNimation Licenses Eden of the East, Chobits, Spice and Wolf II"

My girlfriend is a huge fan of spice and wolf. She’ll really love this news.

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