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Digimin Xros Wars Makes Me Inordinately Excited

Posted on: April 23, 2010

The logo for Digimon Xros WarsThis July, Japanese TV is resurrecting the Digimon franchise, a long-running kid’s show that features young children who can summon ever-evolving monsters to fight evil in the Digital World. Digimon Xros Wars is the first Digimon series since 2007, and in spite of myself, I really want to see every minute of this once it’s out.

Digimon found a lot of success overseas and was fairly popular over in the States back in 1999, but it tended to get overshadowed by the Pokemon juggernaut. The series sucked me in a lot more than the media giant, though. Digimon was surprisingly mature and and complex for its target audience. The characters were explored in more depth than your average Pokemon, and the plotlines tended to be much more serious and enthralling than the average lighthearted adventure. Plus, the original Digimon Adventure theme was badass. So listen to the awesome “Butter-Fly” and don’t judge me for wanting to watch Digimon in my adult life!


3 Responses to "Digimin Xros Wars Makes Me Inordinately Excited"

I really can’t believe this is coming back, I too fell in love with this rather than Pokemon; this is going to have to take up some of my Saturday mornings!

I can clearly remember getting up early every weekday before school and watching Digimon, followed by Pokemon, followed by Dragon Ball Z. This is going to be on of my must watch animes this coming season.

Digimon was the first anime I ever watched, it also was the first time I was emotionally into a character, Wizardmon, I CRIED when he sacrificed himself. This is something that intrigues me greatly.

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