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New Code Geass Anime Officially Announced

Posted on: April 23, 2010

The Code Geass front page image, this is for the holiday event and not the new project.

Warning: new Code Geass may not contain any of these characters.

Welp, it’s official – there’s a new Code Geass anime project coming. The DVD version of the Lelouch birthday special is out, and it confirms a new anime to be set in the Geass world’s version of Europe. Details are sparse until the weekend, when we’re expecting an initial staff announcement, but for now, we know that the story will follow a small military unit sent on a suicide mission.

Who will show up? Who’s writing this thing? And when do we get it? Hopefully we’ll find out more this weekend with more announcements!


4 Responses to "New Code Geass Anime Officially Announced"

I’m really looking forward to this, Code Geass was one of the best random Anime’s I have ever picked up.

I am very sad, this is not the musical I was hoping for.

Well this is good news and bad news. I’d like to see the original cast again and enjoy more of the same. But I’m also glad there is a new series.

If it’s as good as the original then I’m sure I’ll live without the original cast. 😛

well obviosuly they survive the suicide mission (otherwise its a short show you know?)… and that’s likely where the story starts.

anyway I always did like the mechs in code geass… but be fun to see the poor bloody infantry for once.

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