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Spring Anime 2010 Week 4: Judgment!

Posted on: April 28, 2010

Judgment desu no!

I won't say it myself, but I'll let Kuroko do it for me.

It’s always been my policy to give a series 4 full episodes before making a real value judgment on it – it’s a habit left over from my days of reviewing pre-FUNimation DVDs, where 4 episodes a disc was the norm. So, with 4 weeks of the spring anime season in the books now, it’s time to take a look at where I stand with current anime. Which shows am I still watching, and which shows have I dropped like a bad habit? Find out after the jump.

Still watching it with interest:

Arakawa Under the Bridge: This is what happens when you let a great cast go to town on a fun script. It’s not the best anime comedy ever (Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu), or even the best comedy of the year (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu), but some of its vignettes are absolutely brilliant, from Nino and Recruit going on the most awkward date of all time to Hoshi’s crazed romance interrogation of how good a boyfriend Recruit is, complete with a holy lie detector. It’s not the prettiest girl on the block, but it’s definitely good enough that I’m going to keep watching. I can see this getting old fast, but I’m far from that point right now and happy with where this show is.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao: Every once in a while, I let my standards down and watch a show with my brain off. This heavy fan service comedy/fantasy definitely fits into this category, with its “What if Voldemort was a badass in denial” vibe and likeable main character. Too many of these shows have boring and wishy-washy heroes, but spice up the formula with someone who snaps his enemies’ limbs like twigs and I’ll totally watch it all the way through.

Sarai-ya Goyou: This is another show that won’t be winning any beauty contests, but I love the dialogue. The play between Yaichi and Masanosuke is fascinating to watch, as the charismatic criminal talks circles around the naive bodyguard and Masanosuke discovers a whole new world outside of his thin sense of morality. I’m not necessarily excited by this show, but it’s good enough to keep watching, which is more than I can say for half of this season.

Tatami Galaxy: This one’s based purely on style. It hasn’t hit the 4-episode mark for me yet, so I don’t know if I’ll keep watching it just for style, but as of right now this instant, I think I’m gonna watch this one to the end.

Mild interest (or morbid curiosity)

Heroman: This one hasn’t improved too much since I last wrote about it. It’s a little too fantastic to be taken seriously, but it’s not lighthearted enough to be fun either. I’m running out of rope to give Bones on this one, but they’ve done good work before and I’m not willing to count this out yet. However, the pacing needs a lot more cleaning up before I’m glad to spend my 25 minutes watching this show.

Kaichou ha Maid-sama!: This show has a bit more momentum than I thought, since they’ve concentrated on the series’ strengths. It’s pretty standard shoujo fare with the “overachieving girl trying to deal with the affections of a rich guy with so much natural talent it makes your teeth ache” premise, but it’s less boring than I said it was a few weeks ago. Which is more than I can say for the many shows in the next category:

Dropped it like a rock

Ikki Tousen Xtreme Xecutor: Xecrable. There’s just nothing here.

B-gata H-kei: Went from “kind of amusing” to “way too annoying, why would anyone like this main character” in 3 short weeks.

Angel Beats!: The saddest addition to this list. The pacing still isn’t there, there are too many characters to care about any of them, and it’s just… slow. This show’s strengths were supposed to be its writing and its animation, and neither of them have shown up.

Mayoi-neko Overrun!: None of the characters are interesting at all. The male segment of the cast is limp, the female half of the cast is either lifeless (Nozomi) or cover-your-ears annoying (Fumino, Chise). It tells you how bad this show is when the creators somehow made the writes-itself hot springs episode into the most boring chapter yet.

Giant Killing: This one isn’t really Giant Killing’s fault, it’s alright for what it is. But with baseball season started, I have more than enough sports to feed my need for the next few months. If Adachi starts another baseball manga, let me know, but until then, my urge to watch sports anime is almost nil.

kiss x sis: So not for me.

K-On!!: I don’t hate K-On!! I just feel no urge to watch it, the same as I felt no real urge to watch the first one. Out of curiosity, have they given a male character a face and a name in this one yet?

So that goes down to 4 shows I like, 2 shows I’m taking some extra time to evaluate, and a whole bunch of shows I would choose toilet-scrubbing over watching. What about you guys this season? What are you watching, and what have you thrown back?


10 Responses to "Spring Anime 2010 Week 4: Judgment!"

Good picks. Nothing left to do but sit on my butt and wait for fan subs.

What’s your opinion on Working!!, you mentioned that you hadn’t watched it yet in your previous evaluation.

Still haven’t gotten to it yet. I still need to watch that and Senkou no Night Raid!

Senkou no Night Raid is interesting. It kinda feels a bit like Darker than Black.

My list pretty well lines up with yours, except Angel Beats! is hanging by a thread in the “mild interest” category thanks to a really poignant moment at the end of episode 3. Without that scene I’d probably have dropped it.

My list, apart from my usual ongoings (Brotherhood, One Piece, and Gintama, when I’ve watched the 100 or so episodes I haven’t watched) is fairly short:
Angel Beats!
Durarara!! (what is it with exclamation marks this season?)
Arakawa Under The Bridge

Due to exams, however, I’ve watched one episode of K-On!!, one of Angel Beats, all but the latest two of Durarara!, and none of Katanagatari or Arakawa.

As well as that, I’ve got a tonne of older series to get through after my exams are over. So, that’s fun.

What may not have been apparent is that, essentially, my Watching shows are currently pristine and untainted. When I start watching, we’ll see what falls by the wayside.

Wow. I’m suprised how many shows u shot down this time. I’v left more alive on my list.
I total love :

Katanagatari – Awesome story and art

Arakawa Under The Bridge – The randomness is pure entertainment

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao: – the first two ep had lozza fanservace, but it has dropped off in the last to eps. I’m not watching it because of that, just wanted to mention it. And it is enterating to behold. the “Voldemort” commet is funny as hell.

Angel Beats – i’m loving this show!! Maybe i love the sadness of it? it help counterbalence the other ones lower on the list. And the 4th ep was a roit.

Mayoi-neko Overrun! – l love things with cat ears. (to shallow?)

B-gata H-kei: Why am i watching this show? Every charter is stupid/oblivious to the reality around them. Do i really have that much time on my hands? awell…

i just haven’t finished the first season of k-on… so yea…

Giant Killing: not into sports. real or anime….

kiss x sis: um… yea..

Kaichou ha Maid-sama!: i just finished watching Kimi ni Todoke, so i need more time befor i plunge back into another romance thing..

oh, and any good fansubs for Saraiya Goyou and The Tatami Galaxy?

You don’t need fansubs for Sarai-ya and Tatami Galaxy – as long as you’re in the US, you can find them on FUNimation’s video site every week: free, legal, and subtitled (semi-)professionally

awesomess. thaxs.

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