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Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito Staff Announced

Posted on: May 10, 2010

Yeah, that's not cryptic at all.

Sadly, this is the least cryptic screenshot.

The tease for the new Code Geass anime is officially on! On the official Code Geass website, creators Taniguchi Goro and Okouchi Ichiro have released the first solid details about the much-anticipated third series. The details are a bit sparse, but fans will be tickled pink to know that the tentatively titled Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito (Code Geass Side Story: Akito of the Ruined Country) brings  back almost all of the important staff from the first two series.

CLAMP and Kimura Takahiro will once again team up to design the characters. Morita Akira returns as the head writer. Yasuda Akira will keep on designing Knightmare Frames. Okouchi Ichiro and Taniguchi Goro are still the masterminds behind the whole thing, with the backing of Sunrise. The only newcomer is Akane Kazuki, who will be the director for the new series. His other credits include Tetsuwan Birdy: Decode, Noein, and the Escaflowne movie, so at the very least, he’s very experienced in the genre.

So rest assured, Geass fans – the new series will look, move, and flow  just the same as its well-loved predecessor. Personally, I couldn’t care less about all that – the real question is, will it sound the same? I need to hear that Nakagawa Koutarou is back to do the soundtrack before I get excited. I’d be in musical heaven if he and his partner in crime Sakai Mikio came back.

I feel a Tuesday Tunes coming on…

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