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The Manly Work of Sakai Mikio and Nakagawa Koutarou- Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Above is the main reason I’m excited for a new season of Code Geass. I’ve always had an obsession with Spanish guitar, and between composer Nakagawa Koutarou and singer/songwriter Sakai Mikio, they’ve delivered the goods on guitar since 2001’s s-CRY-ed.

Sure, the second season of Code Geass was an exercise in shark-jumping until there were no sharks left to jump. But let me tell you: if Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito has songs like Mikio’s “Callin’,” “Picaresque,” and “Tabidachi no Kane ga Naru,” I don’t care if the story has rocket emperors, God flying around in a spaceship, or Lelouch’s ghost flying around and killing of all the younglings.


Sadly, sine the Black Knights have zero reason to show up in the new series, I don’t think we’ll be hearing their guitary goodness anymore. That’s okay, though, because hot damn, is “Black Knights” a good track. Sunrise better deliver!

Hell, I’ll even accept Sakai’s randomly happy stuff, like the Planetes ending:

But oh man, if they don’t bring back Nakagawa and by extension Sakai, I’m going to scream bloody murder…

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