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FUNimation Announces Six New Licenses at Anime Central

Posted on: May 17, 2010

Weaponized despair. How can it go wrong? Oh, right... lots of ways.

So much promise, so little follow-through.

Well, they can’t all be hits. FUNimation’s weekend announcements at Anime Central only really generated excitement if you like boobs. If you do, hot dog – Sora no Otoshimono and both Rosario x Vampire seasons are coming your way in English next year, courtesy of FUNimation.

The two fan service-crazy shows highlighted a relatively weak crop of licenses from FUNi, including Nitro+ visual novel adaptation Chaos;HEAd, the post-apocalyptic high-school hybrid Koukaku no Regios, sci-fi Rideback, and former Geneon title GUNxSWORD. Most of those titles fall under the “No matter how hard I tried to like them, I just couldn’t” category for me, so I just can’t get excited for this announcement.

3 Responses to "FUNimation Announces Six New Licenses at Anime Central"

I guess most of these were just a matter of time, though the only one I thought was any good was Regios, and even that was a little disappointing.

I enjoyed Regios and Rideback(till the ending) so, good picks over-all I think for at least those 2

I found Chaos Head to be disturbing and confusing. Iv herd good things about Gun X Sword, so I guess I´ll look into that.

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