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DC’s CMX Imprint Shutting Down

Posted on: May 18, 2010

Guess you won't be seeing much of this anymore.

If only more people had realized how good this is.

This morning, I woke up to an IM from old friend Fred Gallagher, who told me that DC’s manga imprint CMX is going the way of the dodo. It’s a sad but inevitable event, as the US manga market has shrunk into nothingness and CMX sales have underperformed.

CMX  shuts down in July after six years in operation. The shutdown affects a whole lot of titles that were either great or deserved to be great, like Victorian romance Emma and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. While it doesn’t affect us at MegaTokyo so much, with MT moving over to DC Graphic Novels, it is yet another nail in the coffin of the English language manga market. With the news of layoffs at VIZ, Yen Press’ move to digital distribution, and the rumored death of Go! Comi, you have to wonder if and when the axe is going to fall on  TokyoPop or Del Rey.


6 Responses to "DC’s CMX Imprint Shutting Down"

Del Rey will probably be okay, they have enough ‘big’ titles to hold up, although they will probably be very careful about any new titles. I’ve been wondering if Tokyopop will ever crash despite all the money they throw away… I mean, how much did they sink into that Van Von Hunter movie again?

well that bites (the idea of the US manga market going kaput)… though your pic at the top sums it up not many people know how good some manga (or anime for the matter) is. Though if E-books ever become popular (hah) digital distribution would cut back on costs meaning company’s can keep their heads above water easier.

or maybe people just don’t want to be seen in the manga section 😛

While sad news, the manga market is not only a luxury market, but a pretty niche one. It’s not like the movies or DVD sales, of which pretty much everyone participates. And at 10 dollars a pop (and rising!) I can understand people cutting back on manga – I know I have.

I was never a fan of the CMX line, but I’m sad to hear it’s gone. What fews I do keep track of are either Viz Shonen Jump titles or Del Rey books, so I’m not TERRIBLY worried, but I’m getting there.

tokyopop pretty much has a handle on the Australian market, so this doesn’t really affect me. Still, if one company closes shop, it might make it easier for others to give up the ghost, or it might make the industry that little bit less competitive and prove to be a boon when other companies stay in business as a result of this. Who’s to know?

This truly saddens me. Another manga company going under. It saddens me that it is such a niche market, cause i believe that soo many people would like if they only give it a chance. And I don’t know why i, myself, fell embarrass whenever someone asks me “Whats ur hobby?” “well i watch and collect anime and manga stuff.” the conversation uslay dies and people move on. I hope that this is not a trend and something help boosts this avenue.

One problem I perceive is, at least from my point of view, is that Japanese comics were treated as being a “single genre,” which was then saturated haphazardly.

Japanese comics cover a broad range of subject matters, but one may not realize this when they’re all lumped together in the same small section of the bookstore. Emma has more in common with a Jane Austen novel than the volume of Bleach it is sitting by, but most people will never realize it.

I have next to no knowledge on how Japanese bookstores organize things, but it seems most US bookstores just have a “manga” section which is often shared with the other graphic novels, and also happens to be right near the “fantasy/sci-fi” section.

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