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The World God Only Knows Anime Staff Revealed

Posted on: June 8, 2010


Not shown: Gaggles of girls

Shonen Sunday’s website has been updated with some preliminary news about the Kaminomi anime, which is coming later this year. Of note, it reveals the names of the animation studio, director, character designer, and head writer for the anime based on Wakaki Tamiki’s popular manga.

The animation will be handled by Manglobe, whose credits include the unique-looking samurai sagas Sarai-ya Goyou and Samurai Champloo, as well as the eye candy anime Seiken no Blacksmith. Famed writer Kurata Hideyuki will pen the scripts, which is pretty good news – he has such hits as Kannagi and R.O.D. under his belt. Watanabe Akio, an illustrator best known for the Nurse Witch Komugi-chan and Popotan series, will adapt Wakaki’s designs to the screen. The wild card in this announcement is director Takayanagi Shigehito, whose main credit is the third Galaxy Angel series.

With the talent assembled, we can rest easy knowing that this project didn’t just go to the lowest bidder. I’m still hoping that they assemble an all-star cast for this one, because I’m a huge fan of Kaminomi and want the anime to be at least as good as Hayate no Gotoku!


5 Responses to "The World God Only Knows Anime Staff Revealed"

No way man. If they are able to translate even slightly well all the hilarity / clusterfuckery that Keima, Elsee and Hakua get themselves embroiled in, no matter how much I literally laughed out loud with Hayate; it’ll be toilet-confining hilarious in a way Hayate no Gotoku can only dream of…

… actually, and to be perfectly honest, I’m still kinda skeptic about this anime in a way you previously mentioned(I don’t recall if it was Kami Nomi or Zetsubou Sensei you used in said article). Sure, it’s gonna be huge in Japan regardless of how loyal it stays to the manga, but I wonder: With all the phenomena closely related to Japan that goes almost hand in hand with this series, how accepted it’ll be stateside?

It will be great. Thank god for fansubs.

Hehehehe finally they annouced the staff, they better work their ass off to make my favourite series a PERFECT ANIME!! and another thing let Fukuyama Jun be Keima!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is already announced cast members i found on
Keima Kasturagi: Hiro Shimono (Takuma Higuchi from Asura Cryin’ 1 & 2,Jin Mikuriya from Kannagi,Akihisa Yoshii from Baka to Test to Shoukanju, ect.)
Elcea de rux ima: Kanae Itō (Amu Hinamori and Dia from Shugo Chara, Mihoshi Akeno Sora no Minimani, Nana from To-Love Ru, ect.)

Yeah, I mentioned these in a later article that included a trailer for the show 🙂

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