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BoA and Disney On Ice Team Up For “Woo Weekend” – Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: June 15, 2010

The theme song for the Japanese 25th anniversary of Disney on Ice is Korean pop star BoA’s funk-heavy dance tune “Woo Weekend.” The above video really reminds me of the pop videos that you see during the commercial breaks on the Disney channel, which is kind of a career throwback for BoA after her more mature, club-oriented American album. I heard a lot of that last album around here – it made it big in the San Francisco club circuit, and because of that, BoA performed at last year’s Pride parade.

That’s not really why I find this song notable, though. I find it notable because it’s a Japanese Disney song written by a good friend of mine, Yoko. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Disney fan or a BoA fan or Avex fan or whatever – I strongly believe that you should pick up this single because Yoko’s awesome. Click past the jump for proof.

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How can you resist that smile? She’ll be so happy when you buy copies of the single! You can always buy it as a present for a Disney-loving friend of yours, since the majority of the population loves Disney.


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On a seperate note, I’ve noticed randomly your images aren’t showing up in my firefox dom. No idea why ;_;

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