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Kuribayashi Minami – Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: June 22, 2010

Today’s target for Tuesday Tunes is the talented Kuribayashi Minami, who was recently announced as yet another guest at Anime Expo by MangaGamer. She rose to fame as the voice of Haruka in the (in)famous visual novel Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (also known as Rumbling Hearts in the States), and purely through the power of her voice she’s become  a star in the anisong world. More on her career, and more great songs from her, after the jump.

Her career path is fascinating to me, because she’s one of only two singer/seiyuu I know of who doesn’t change names between adult roles and regular roles (the other is Sakakibara Yui, in case you’re curious). She’s been the face and voice of famed adult game maker Age Soft for over a decade; over time, she’s also performed in all sorts of all-ages projects, from Super Robot Wars OG and Mai-HiME to Kurokami and Katanagatari. Her image doesn’t suffer at all from half of her roles involving moaning, and that’s fine by me, because that means more opportunities to hear her voice.

The song above is the mournful “Haruka Naru Chikyuu no Uta” (“Songs of Distant Earth,” based on the Arthur C. Clarke story). It is the amazing and melancholy finale to Muv-Luv Alternative, and was one of the two songs that cemented her as one of my favorite singers in the anime world. The other? The nostalgic and wistful “Hoshizora no Waltz” (“Waltz of the Starry Sky”), which was infinitely better than the KimiNozo series that it capped.

Kuribayashi Minami has a pure quality to her voice that I definitely appreciate in her many ballads and occasional candy pop offerings, but she can belt too, as proven in the Super Robot Wars OG Divine Wars ending, one of her many crossovers into JAM Project territory:

She’s also great live, with a playful yet forceful stage presence and a strong voice that translates well from studio to stage. I’ve seen her once already at Animelo 2008, and I’m psyched that I get to see her again in 2008. I mean, check her out at last year’s Animelo Summer Live with Taniyama Kishou, her KimiNozo co-star. Sadly, the audio isn’t great, but that’s more the fault of the Animelo DVD than her.

And, because I want to squeeze in one more:

Man, I can’t wait for AX now. So many concerts to go to, and it costs less than the $800 or so I spent to get out to Animelo last time! 😛

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