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Anime-Fueled World Cup Thought – Weird Wednesday

Posted on: June 23, 2010


Solar Flare!

Landon Donovan and Krillin: separated at birth? I have come to believe that it is the awesome power of the US soccer star’s forehead that gives him an advantage over his opponents, blinding them with the reflected rays of the sun.


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4 Responses to "Anime-Fueled World Cup Thought – Weird Wednesday"

So long as he didn’t get Krillen’s suck gene, he’ll be fine. ; )

Objection, your honor.

Landon Donovan wins every so often. Krillin … not so much.

Krillin’s the most powerful human being on the planet, though! …Not that that matters with DBZ power creep.

Did anyone watch Japan dismantle Denmark? That’s the best I’ve seen that team play since 2002.

Japan couldn’t actually live up to Okada’s semifinal boast … could it? To borrow a phrase: It won’t happen, but if it happens….

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