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Mirai Nikki OVA Trailer Arrives, Full of Crazy

Posted on: June 25, 2010

This can only end well. Right?

Remember, kids, don't stick it in the crazy.

Famed middle school murder manga Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) is getting an OVA, and publisher Kadokawa has given us a one-minute trailer over on YouTube. As you might expect for a show based on the heartwarming story of a middle school boy, his axe murderer stalker girlfriend, and the people they have to murder to survive and have a wish granted, it’s a bit crazy and creepy.

Just the way you like it, right? Check out the trailer after the jump.

I’ve read the manga for this one, and lemme tell you, it’s at least six flavors of messed up. But that makes it a breath of fresh air in a world full of breast-sucking, sister-banging TV anime rides the airwaves while plotless merchandise-shilling is a way of life.

The OVA comes out in December. Are you excited?


8 Responses to "Mirai Nikki OVA Trailer Arrives, Full of Crazy"

Only an OVA? Gee, I can’t imagine why that couldn’t get on TV….

Plenty of crazy to go around there — I can get behind that.

You know what I think is even more messed up? The manga-reading section of the web being almost devoted to the Yuno/Yuuno girl. When, in all honesty, even the terrorist chick seems much more interesting a character.

Then again, she (Yuno) IS a yandere. So I guess that explains part of her popularity.

The terrorist chick is my favorite character. I’m so excited for this!

Its soo fun to see this manga take off in the way that it did. I was up in Washington a year ago and saw the first two books in the bookstore and bought them on a whim, didn’t even open them up, and read them on a train trip latter and fell in love with the story and the characters… i am not willing to read it online to finish it cause i want to read the book first, so i own 4 of the books. Going to have to somehow get a copy of that ova when it comes out… THANKS for the update!

Mirai Nikki was one of my favorite series for a while. The most recent few chapters, however, have gotten decidedly weird. It was all fun until everyone, well…


died. Yeah.

As long as I’ve been reading this, i’ve just been touting it to my non-manga friends as: “Death Note with steriods.”

I’m just so happy they’ll get to see and experience it firsthand now.

I’ve never read the manga, and to be honest, the trailer isn’t all that enticing. Dom’s description makes me interested. I’ll check it out. *thumbs up*

Oh, crap! Is she a stalker? Wait. If she’s cute it’s okay, rig—No, this is bad. It might go like… She might stab me! Or set my house on fire! And what if she takes my parents hostage?… But, maybe she has a nice personality. Then it would be okay, right?… Wait. If she did, she wouldn’t be stalking me!

Mikado Ryugamine of Durarara says it best.

Personally: I was like “I’m only here for the crazy people.” Then I was like “Whoa! What’s all this plot now.” Then I was all. “This totally deserved some kinda anime.”

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