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To Love-Ru (Trouble) Anime Gets Second Life

Posted on: July 7, 2010

I’m still catching up a bit on last week’s news here, but I liked her better in Black Cat.I should at least mention that the famously pervy To Love-Ru (pronounced “Trouble”) is getting a second anime season soon. The middle school romance/sci-fi manga by Hasemi Saki and Yabuki Kentarou may have been terminated prematurely, but it maintains a strong following thanks to its cute character designs and shameless nudity. Its tendency toward borderline pornography has rewarded it with a second season of steamy underage action; while I’m going to stay far away, there were plenty of people who greeted last week’s announcement with glee.

Appropriately enough, Ootsuki Atsushi has been tabbed to direct the new series, which he should have no problems getting a handle on because of his previous work on the softcore hits Kanokon and Ladies vs. Butlers!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go off and wash my hands a few dozen times after writing this. I’ve never been comfortable with To Love-Ru, from its Urusei Yatsura ripoff themes to its overt sexualization of 13-year-olds.


1 Response to "To Love-Ru (Trouble) Anime Gets Second Life"

Isn’t this a really bad idea? No, I don’t mean regarding To Love-Ru (don’t care about the series) as a story, but– you know, regarding all the legal shit-storm Mr. Yabuki went through with his… err… less than pleasant ex-wife? Just saying.

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