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Super Robot Wars OG ~The Inspector~ Brings Burning Back

Posted on: July 22, 2010

Phantom Phoenix, shashutsu!

Why wasn't it Vysaga? Boooooo...

Update: The Super Robot Wars official anime page is up, and gives the new anime a fall season start date!

What’s this I see on the Internet? A new Super Robot Wars OG series that takes place after the overly-political Divine Wars series? And it’s subtitled The Inspector, just like the first villains of OG2? And the promotional images include Lamia Loveless and Axel Alma, the stars of the Shadow Mirror arc of OG2 with their Angelg and Soulgain mechs?

Well. It looks like after a complete failure to bring Super Robot Wars OGs to the US (my source says that this was due to the exorbitant cost of creating a dub track for the game, which Sony insisted on), we have another chance to bring the glory of Super Robot Wars to American audiences.

Seeing this makes me want to pull out my copy of SRW OGs again – though if you make me play all 50-some turns of Chapter 22 (the first Inspector map) again, complete with the dozens of saves and reloads that come from the bosses frequently one-shotting Gilliam, Viletta, and Ryuune, I may just hang myself.

Anyway, The Inspector will be a TV series, covering the events of OG2 much like Divine Wars covered the events of OG. It has a very experienced staff behind it, with Oobari Masami (Gravion) in the director’s seat and respected names like Katoki Hajime (Virtual On, G Gundam) and Kotobuki Tsukasa (Godannar) filling out the long, long roster of character and mecha designers.

Out of curiosity, how many of you have played Super Robot Wars and know what the hell I’ve been talking about with my name-dropping of mechs and miscellaneous levels of Japanese mecha strategy RPGs? Hit the jump for some awesome videos from the game series, which you’ll see in animated form soon enough.

All of Angelg’s attacks in order: Shadow Lancer, Mirage Sword, Illusion Arrow, Mirage Sign, Phantom Phoenix

All of Soulgain’s attacks in order: Seiryuu Rin, Genbu Goudan, Byakko Kou, Mai Suzaku, Kirin.

Rampage Ghost, ‘cuz it’s awesome:

Tatsumaki Zankantou, because real men ride each other:

And, finally, Royal Heart Breaker. Because I hate myself.


5 Responses to "Super Robot Wars OG ~The Inspector~ Brings Burning Back"

I don’t think a giant robot needs breasts. At least, not of those size.

You’ve never seen Mazinger Z, have you? Or, more to the point, Aphrodite A 🙂

I must confess I have not, I am hard to please when it comes to mecha, though Gundam Unicorn was an excellent surprise.

I hope they actually have an animation budget this time.
Divine Wars had way too many still-picture-with-moving-mouths sequences. Which is part of why I couldn’t be bothered to watch the whole thing.

And the REAL question is whether or not you killed the Inspectors for the bonus items while not getting one-shotted in chapter 22.

Yeah, I’m convinced Banpresto hates the players too. It’s really the only explanation for some of the stuff in SRW.

Looks like my luck’s still shining.


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