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Bakemonogatari Bonanza Announcement Includes Third Anime, More Novels

Posted on: July 28, 2010

Before she was Oshino Shinobu, she was Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade.


If the second season of the criminally undersold Arakawa Under the Bridge didn’t wow you, don’t worry – the prequel to Nisio Isin’s famed ghost story series Bakemonogatari is going to be animated by Shaft soon. With Kizumonogatari in the pipes, fans can now rest assured that the hit 2009 anime is going to get much, much more anime. Kizumonogatari takes place before Bakemonogatari, and covers the strange sequence of events that turned Koyomi into a vampire, then cured him. Also of interest, it shows how Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade became the quiet little Lolita she is in the main story. No date or format has been announced for the new series, which is probably for the best.

With this announcement, it becomes very safe to say that every -monogatari story in the series is going to get its turn getting animated by the overworked people at Shaft. Whether or not they’ll be completed in time for release is another question entirely, thanks to the now-infamous missing scenes scattered throughout the Bakemonogatari anime. That’s good, because the hard-working Nisio Isin is scheduled to bring out a new novel every three months until December of next year.

Not content with finishing up Nekomonogatari (“Tsubasa Tiger”) in October, he’s following them up with Keimonogatari (“Mayoi Jiang-Shi”) in December and Hanamonogatari (“Suruga Devil”), Otorimonogatari (“Nadeko Medusa”), Onimonogatari (“Shinobu Time”), and Koimonogatari (“Hitagi End”) in 2011. Shaft’s going to fall behind at this rate – but then again, no one really expects them to be on time anymore.

In other news, this is the most hyphens I have ever used in a single post. I felt like mentioning that.


1 Response to "Bakemonogatari Bonanza Announcement Includes Third Anime, More Novels"

All that, and NisiOisin also does his weekly romp with Medaka Box. And while not as involved in it (I think), Katanagatari is STILL gonna run ’til the end of the year…

… I’m actually wondering if there’s some sort of secret superpower that only surfaces when you write Light Novels. Like the dude who does Baccano / Durarara. Granted, most of Durarara’s cast come off as unlikable fuck-bins, but I’m not gonna complain about that. No, sir.

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