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Kämpfer Anime Gets New Life

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Oh.Aaand, just when you thought that a new wave of mecha anime was going to sweep away all the ills of the anime world, we also got news over the weekend that the plotless blob of lesbians known as Kämpfer is going to have a new show.

In case you forgot, last year’s Kämpfer was based on a series of novels by Tsukiji Toshihiko, about a boy named Senou Natsuru who turns into a superpowered girl in order to fight other superpowered girls. Why they do it is never really explained in the anime series, and it is really just an excuse to get girls to shoot at each other, interspersed with scenes of them blushing at each other. It wasn’t particularly popular when it came out, but apparently it made enough fans to justify another shot at an anime. More details will be coming, probably after Comic Market this weekend.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try and restore my faith in humanity. It may take some time.


7 Responses to "Kämpfer Anime Gets New Life"

*Sigh* If only the future season looked like this:

The Gurren Lagann prequel would be awesome. You’re also terribly cruel to tease me with the idea of another Banner of the Stars.

Sorry, but I’m hoping that if enough people see this it will come true.

YES!! more pointless awesomeness!! thanks for the good news!

Y’know, I’ll admit that there was some part of me that enjoyed the vapid, over the top with the fanservice, and extremely idiotic first series. But y’know, when it ended, I didn’t “MAN I could use more of THAT!”

Congrats to Kampfer though?

Really? Well, it actually doesn’t surprise me that much… and while in no way fan from any of this franchise iterations, it would be–

no… screw it. This snore-fest doesn’t deserve a second show. I concur with Tylor up there in the banner of the stars thingy. Also, taking in account how insanely popular has gotten, why hasn’t Saint Young Men gotten the anime treatment?

A Saint Young Men anime will probably come after Arakawa Under the Bridge’s 2-season commitment is done. They don’t want two Nakamura Hikaru works to be animated at the same time, competing with each other.

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