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Mazinkaizer SKL Will Burn You Up

Posted on: August 9, 2010

This isn't your grandpa's Mazin-go.

Not pictured: pilots.

Are you ready for nonstop robot battle action? The new super robot OAV from old master Go Nagai, Mazinkaizer SKL, is coming soon! The most powerful machine in Go Nagai’s universe (unless you count UFO Robot Grendizer, which he refuses to compare to Mazinkaizer) is going to get a three part mini-series this winter, and they have some hot-blooded trailers ready. These trailers are sure to make every super robot fan stand at attention. The new Mazinkaizer will tour Japan starting on November 27, at Bandai’s Anime Fes VS events.

Mazinkaizer is another sign that there’s a wave of robot shows coming – between Infinite Stratos, Star Driver, and Super Robot Wars OG ~The Inspector~, there is a lot of room for optimism for the many mecha fans who went into hibernation after a long drought.


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