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Satoshi Kon’s Final Message Translated into English

Posted on: August 26, 2010

Thanks to good friend Vincent Diamante, I’ve found my way to Makiko Itoh’s translation of Satoshi Kon’s farewell message to the world. I am not the kind of person to give way to emotion, but the simple and heartwrenching power of the anime director’s account of his last days had me misting up. There is a lot of dignity and power in his words, and thanks to Makiko for doing them justice.

The part of his note where he talks about talking to his parents and wife is a testament to his character, and a sad reminder that the anime world lost a great man and friend as well as a great director.


3 Responses to "Satoshi Kon’s Final Message Translated into English"

It’s great that he managed to leave behind such a striking legacy. The world is better for having had him in it. He will definitely be missed.

fuck– that got to me. Millenium Actress was a long-time fave. So was Tokyo’s Godfathers. Perfect Blue was amazing… but I’m not seeing that one any time sooner. Not alone, at the very least. And not with something in my stomach.

And… boy, he was awesome to the end. My many, many condolences to the surviving wife, and I hope he enjoys the big chase in the sky. My trumpet will play for the rest of this week out for you, Mr. Kon. And thanks to both Makiko for the translation and to you, Dom, for providing such a link.

Like Dom, I am not one given to emotion.

Like Dom, my eyes couldn’t help but fall victim to the sawdust in the room.

Farewell, Satoshi Kon. You will be remembered.

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