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I'm not sure how much of this image is real.With the Fall season only days away, we have a couple of new trailers to build anticipation. First, the Arakawa Under the Bridge 2 trailer offers another look at the crazy lives of the outcasts who live under the bridge, while actually showing animated footage unlike the other freaky-ass trailers.

Meanwhile, the semi-autobiographical and industry-savvy comedy Bakuman trailer doesn’t really tell you much of anything, other than that Bakuman and Arakawa Under the Bridge 2 won’t have very good animation. Then again, they’re comedies – who needs those to be well-animated, right?

I’m going to watch Arakawa myself, but Bakuman doesn’t quite appeal to me as a story. What are you guys going to watch?

The two-minute trailer for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai offers a whole lot of Kirino for her fans, and I have to admit that it paints an attractive picture. Kirino is just the right mix of anime girl and realistic little sister, and the opening song by Claris is surprisingly listenable.

Okay, it’s autotuned into near-unrecognizability, but everything about this show tells me that it’ll be enjoyable enough to watch. I may even pick up the novels after I’m done slogging through Index.

These two announcements could not be more different, and I’m lumping them together for just that reason. The above video is the cutesy, fluffy announcement of a K-On! movie from Kyoto Animation, which is sure to cause paroxysms of joy in the hearts of its many devoted fans. Me, I’ve never bought into it. But given its massive popularity within the cute-girls-doing-cute-things genre, it’s certainly going to find a large and willing audience once it comes out.

Meanwhile, the 35th volume of Miura Kentarou’s epic fantasy manga Berserk has given word that a new anime project is finally in place. The last time there was a Berserk anime was all the way back in 1998, so this announcement has been a very long time coming. The bloody, gritty, and often uncomfortably dark Berserk manga has been running for 20 years with only 25 episodes of Guts being awesome to show for it, so this new anime should be awesome.

Which project are you most excited for?

Edit: updated with the trailer for the new Berserk.

Those of you who watched Lucky Star may remember Anime Tenchou, a suspiciously hot-blooded presence in an otherwise sprouting series. Well, it’s his tenth anniversary of being the mascot for the Animate store chain, and for some reason, UFOtable has been enlisted to animate a crossover anime between Anime Tenchou and the uber-popular Touhou shooting game series.

How this is going to work, I don’t know, but the possibilities make my head spin. I’m personally rooting for a whole lot of videos of people setting their Shoot the Bullet and Mountain of Faith CDs on fire for the audacity of introducing a male character into the yuri-tastic Touhou series, but at this point I’ll just be happy if Anime Tenchou sticks out like a sore thumb the same way Gouda Jouji stood out in Akane Maniax. That would certainly be epic – especially since Anime Tenchou and Gouda Jouji were both voiced by Seki Tomokazu.

Knowing my luck and the recent direction of the Touhou series, though, it’ll probably just be a montage of Shameimaru Aya running around kicking people’s asses while Anime Tenchou watches. I fell off the Touhou wagon right around when the second Shoot the Bullet came out for just that reason.

Anyway, how many of you guys are drooling in anticipation of this first officially licensed Touhou anime?

Right...So, while I was sleeping, this happened. Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Ja Nai n Dakara Ne! (“I totally don’t love my big brother at all, okay?”) went from being a mildly creepy manga about a girl with an over-the-top brother complex to being an upcoming anime about a girl with an over-the-top brother complex, produced by Starchild and starring Kitamura Eri, AKA WotaEri, as the female lead.

I don’t know what to say about this. I read the online free sample of the first chapter over on the Comic High website, and while I can’t say that this is anything particularly bad in the wake of KissxSis bringing incestuous fetishism to broadcast television, it’s definitely way past my comfort level. The girl really, desperately wants to get into her brother’s pants, and even though the running plot thread is that she thinks they may not be related by blood, it’s still pretty icky for a guy like me who has a real sister.

I think I’ll stick to OreImo instead, which depicts the brother-sister relationship a bit more realistically (AKA antagonistically).

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Yes, I’m aware that the subject line doesn’t quite make sense. But this is the author who created “Meltdowner” and “Aerohand,” who should be coming up in the next season of To Aru Majutsu no Index. If you’re going complain, that just opens up a huge can of worms about technical correctness in a show that has magical nuns, electric schoolgirls and 18-year-old bishops. Just watch the trailer and be happy that there is more sci-fi/fantasy face-punching goodness coming next week.

I’m so excited that I can’t even tell you.  Ninja Catholics, Kuroko getting stabbed, the sports festival, and Kuroko getting shot, this upcoming season has everything I could possibly want. Did I mention that Kuroko gets beaten into a bloody mess in the second arc? Because I am really looking forward to that.

Are you okay? Buster Wolf!

This is why I like Kaede. She thinks she's helping.

In one of the happier announcements of the day, Sentai Filmworks added Nyan Koi! to its December release slate. The silly, cat-centric romantic comedy series was one of my surprise favorites of 2009, combining wacky comedy with occasional flashes of decent writing to become an above-average romcom experience.

So hurray for Nyan Koi!, and hurray for Sentai expanding its catalog a bit! My pre-order is going in today. You can see a description of the anime, as well as the opening and ending songs, after the jump.

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