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Good Game – Manga Mondays

Posted on: September 13, 2010

gee gee gee gee baby baby baby...

Image from Akiba-OS.

It’s been a long, long time since I did a Manga Monday, largely because my manga budget has dwindled significantly in a world of 83 yen to the dollar. But the newly released Good Game from Tomokichi has piqued my interest in a big way, taking the “zero to hero” sports story and applying it to e-sports. It’s the story of an unemployed slacker who is recruited to become a professional gamer because of his natural talent. In other words, it’s exactly like every other (non-baseball) sports manga ever.

I really want to see how this series treats RTS and FPS games, since those genres are usually weak in Japan. Maybe this will do for major league gaming what Hikaru no Go did for go and Slam Dunk did for basketball?

Yeah, right. But it follows a simple formula that appeals to me: nerdy topic + cute girl = Dom’s money. I’ll let you know if this series is any good once it arrives.

Initial impressions are favorable.


2 Responses to "Good Game – Manga Mondays"

Is this not considered a shounen series (thus no furigana)? I thought most sports manga’s were classified as shounen. Might have to pick this up from Kinokuniya if the vocab isn’t too hard.

Shonen or seinen is pretty much defined by what magazine it runs in. Digging around, looks like this runs in seinen mags.

Sounds interesting, wonder how many years I’ll have to wait for a license. :p

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