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Arakawa 2, Bakuman Trailers Offer Goofy Comedy

Posted on: September 29, 2010

I'm not sure how much of this image is real.With the Fall season only days away, we have a couple of new trailers to build anticipation. First, the Arakawa Under the Bridge 2 trailer offers another look at the crazy lives of the outcasts who live under the bridge, while actually showing animated footage unlike the other freaky-ass trailers.

Meanwhile, the semi-autobiographical and industry-savvy comedy Bakuman trailer doesn’t really tell you much of anything, other than that Bakuman and Arakawa Under the Bridge 2 won’t have very good animation. Then again, they’re comedies – who needs those to be well-animated, right?

I’m going to watch Arakawa myself, but Bakuman doesn’t quite appeal to me as a story. What are you guys going to watch?


2 Responses to "Arakawa 2, Bakuman Trailers Offer Goofy Comedy"

I’ve been reading the Bakuman manga since it debuted in Jump in 2008, and it became one of my favorites but I don’t think the story is suited to anime, so I might just check it. About Arakawa, the title itself it’s not very appealing, besides I didn’t watch the first season, so I’ll pass.

Wait, WHAT? Bakuman’s gonna have cheap-ass animation? After all the success Death Note provided and that it made each and every single one of my nephews/nieces flip their collective shit? What a cockslap.

To be quite honest, I’m still kinda on the fence regarding Arakawa S2, not because I won’t enjoy it; quite the opposite in reality, but… I don’t know– g’ah, I’m just gonna watch it, for the first few episodes at the very least.

I think my list for fall anime’s gonna be:

1. Index: Because SHIT JUST GOT REAL(ish) after last season.
2. TWGOK: Elsee and the Capturing God doing their thang’
3. Star Driver: Why am I so excited about this stupid-sounding show? Pants if I know, but I’m hoping it’ll be good.
4. Oreimo: It’s slice-of-life done more-or-less consistently well. HINT: Pick up the novels, Dom! They’re worth it.
5. Arakawa: Balls out insanity/hilarity and– GOD I hope they finally man the hell up and that somebody animates Saint Young Men


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