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Pretty Rhythm brings the world together

Posted on: January 25, 2011

There’s a new idol anime coming to town this April, and it’s called Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. The “super point blank range” seiyuu unit LISP will be voicing the main characters: Asumi Kana as Aira (center, below), Kataoka Azusa as Rizumu (right), and Hara Sayuri as Mion. The three will also be singing the opening theme song.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream

Is your rhythm this pretty?

Avex idol group SUPER☆GiRLS will be providing the ending theme. The production is a collaboration between Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy and Korean toy and game company Sonokong. In other words, it’s a step towards world peace! Or something.

More details to come, but according to the official website there will be fancy clothes, cute boys, and… ice skating? All righty then.

Edit: I have learned that the original work for this anime is Pretty Rhythm Mini Skirt, an arcade game and toy series by Takara Tomy. The name appears to come from the AKB48 unit Mini Skirt, which appears in the game. Now I have learned more than I wanted to know.


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