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When 12 sisters isn’t enough…

Posted on: January 31, 2011

It was just about ten years ago when Sister Princess kicked the “little sister boom” into overdrive. Twelve pretty little sisters, all loving you so much, all calling you “big brother” in different ways, and all available in light novels (starting in 1999),  game (Playstation, released in March 2001), and anime (26 episodes, starting in April 2001) form. The marketing blitz continued with two sequel games, a sequel anime, and countless parodies (ever seen Dokkoider or Abenobashi?).

Now it’s 2011 and twelve sisters just isn’t enough anymore. So ASCII Mediaworks, the company that brought us Sister Princess, came up with Baby Princess. Now there are 19 — that’s right, nineteen! — sisters, and just for variety’s sake, three of them are older than the protagonist.

Baby Princess: 19 sisters, Mama, and you (Youtarou)

The Baby Princess project started in earnest in 2009 with short stories in Dengeki G’s Magazine, and now a new anime has been announced. It’s called Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 (where the zero is pronounced “love,” like in tennis). The cast was also just announced over the weekend, and it includes a bunch of fan favorites (Satou “Misaka” Rina, Gotou “Mikuru” Yuuko, Tomatsu “Aoba” Haruka, Itou “Elsie” Kanae, Hanazawa “Kuroneko” Kana, Iguchi “Index” Yuka) and some relative unknowns.

The catch on Baby Princess isn’t just that there are 19 sisters, but they’re each a year apart from each other, from the college student Miharu to the baby-in-arms Asahi. The protagonist Youtarou is a first-year high school student, and just might not be blood-related to the sisters.

The release date for the 3D OAV series hasn’t been announced yet. We’ll keep you up to date when we hear more. I’m kind of morbidly curious myself.


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