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Weird Wednesdays: Anime Twitter Accounts

Posted on: February 2, 2011

Recently Twitter has been gaining traction in Japan, as 140 characters is not nearly as much of a limitation in Japanese as it is in Roman alphabet-based languages. In fact, as 2010 clicked over into 2011 on Japan Standard Time, Japan set a new record of 6939 tweets per second as people wished each other a Happy New Year. The previous record was in June, when Japan beat Denmark in the World Cup.

So now almost all Japanese companies have Twitter accounts, and anime companies are no exception. One relatively new phenomenon is in-character Twitter accounts, where anime characters will actually tweet as themselves.

Kuroneko's Twitter account stats

Kuroneko has more followers than you, but less than Kirino.

Last year ASCII Mediaworks launched three Twitter acounts for the new TV anime show “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai” (My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Be This Cute): One official, just-the-facts account, and two in-character accounts: one for the titular little sister, Kirino, and one for her friend, Kuroneko.

The success of this experiment is apparent: the official account has almost 22,000 followers, while the in-character accounts have well over 37,000 each. (As I write this, Kirino is leading Kuroneko 38,621 to 37,529.) When something happens, such as the recent release of the PSP Oreimo game, Kirino and Kuroneko will have a little Twitter conversation about it. Often teasing each other about different aspects, like how Kuroneko talks or how Kirino treats her brother.

Other anime in-character accounts include Yuu and Haruna from Kore ha Zombie Desuka (official, as they are linked from the official web page), the K-On! girls (probably not official), and the entire cast of Mayoineko Overrun (also probably not official). There are also in-character Twitter bots (fan-created) out there who will respond to a Twitter message with a related message pulled from the dialogue of the show. It’s all very meta.

Your favorite necromancer reveals on Twitter that she has many, many memo pads.

A large number of anime creative staff and voice actors also have Twitter accounts, and news sometimes gets leaked or hinted at this way as well. Of course, it’s all in Japanese.

Are you on Twitter? Do you follow any in-character accounts, or anime-related accounts in general? Let us know!

3 Responses to "Weird Wednesdays: Anime Twitter Accounts"

See a lot of this in the English-speaking world with webcomic artists and popular fiction authors as well. Cool idea, really.

it acutaly reminds me of the disgaea myspace pages from when the anime came out

they were for the western market and were pretty cool.

[…] and Kuroneko, on their previously-mentioned twitter accounts, hinted at the contents of next month’s episode 13. In particular, Kuroneko […]

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