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Weird Wednesdays: Idols and Cell phone detectives

Posted on: February 9, 2011

When Dom and I visited Japan in 2004, we got hooked on this weird TV series called “Keitai Deka: Zenigata Ai” where Miyazaki Aoi played a high school girl (named after the fictional crimefighter Zenigata Heiji), who secretly fought crime with her cell phone. (Miyazaki would later go on to play Komatsu Nana in the live-action NANA movie.) It became a bit of a cult hit, and through the years various other girls filled the role of the cell phone detective. Eight total, to be exact. That Zenigata family is big.

So it came as only a mild surprise when I learned that the third Keitai Deka movie was released in theaters in Japan last week: “Keitai Deka THE MOVIE 3: Morning Musume Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! Pandora no Hako no Himitsu” (“Operation Save Morning Musume! The Secret of Pandora’s Box”).

This movie has three high school girl detectives (Zenigata Kai (18), Mei (17), and Yui (16, and the one with the currently-running TV show)), and their job is to stop a threat on the idol group Morning Musume.

I haven’t watched this movie yet, but now I have to get my hands on it somehow. It just looks way too cheesy to resist.

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[…] about Android apps, I haven’t heard of any official anime ones, but the Keitai Deka movie I mentioned a couple of months ago had an official Android app that functioned as sort of a scavenger hunt. If you scanned the codes […]

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