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Weird Wednesdays: Can’t sleep…

Posted on: February 16, 2011

Are you having trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s because your older sister is giving you orders all the time. Or perhaps it’s because your little sister is following you around all over the place. Maybe there’s a girl that loves you so much that it hurts… literally? Well, there’s an app a CD for that.

Can't sleep... or this girl is going to kill you, she loves you so much.

Edge Records, a company known mostly for its drama CD production, has been producing the Nemurenai (“Can’t Sleep”) CD series since 2008. The first was about older sisters giving you orders. The series really took off, however, with the Yandere CD, featuring the girls who loved you so much they’re willing to kill, and that actually spawned two sequels.

The amusingly named CD "Yandere no Onnanoko ni Shinu hodo Ai sarete Nemurenai CD Gyaaaaaaa!"

The latest entry is called Futamoe, about a pair of twins that are so moe that you can’t sleep. It’s due out this spring.

So moe, you can't sleep.

Would you believe this Nemurenai series didn’t start the genre? No, that would be back in 2006 when a comany named Tanomi came out with the Oniichan CD. Imagine a CD filled with 1200 different ways of saying “Oniichan”. That was followed by the Oshikari CD, with 1200 different ways of tsunderes yelling at you, then 2007’s wildly popular Kokuhaku CD, with over 100 confessions of love.

Tanomi also came out with a kokuhaku CD for girls, which didn’t sell nearly as well. But don’t say they didn’t try.

It’s just a guess, but I think these CDs were the inspiration for the Mousou Yuu sequences in Koreha Zombie Desu Ka?

I’d send you to Amazon Japan to buy these, but they don’t ship these CDs outside Japan. So I guess you’ll have to live with this youtube video of Itou Shizuka (Hinagiku in Hayate no Gotoku) from the Shikari CD.

1 Response to "Weird Wednesdays: Can’t sleep…"

For what it’s worth, “Yandere no Onnanoko ni Shinu hodo Ai sarete Nemurenai CD Gyaaaaaaa!” means “There’s a Yandere girl that loves you so much that you can’t sleep CD Gyaaaaaa!”

If you’re not sure what Yandere means, think Kotoha from School Days.

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