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Manga Mondays: Media Mix tie-ins

Posted on: February 28, 2011

“Media Mix” is an entertainment industry buzzword for having a property – in this case, let’s say THE IDOLM@STER – span various different types of media in its quest to conquer the universe. So it starts off in its original form (for Im@s, a game) then branches out to other forms (anime, manga, radio shows, live performances, whatever else you can think of).

Idolm@ster 2 - Sleeping Beauty

Chihaya wants you to buy her manga, "Idolmaster 2 - Sleeping Beauty".

The strategy is to increase awareness and to get more overall sales by having a bunch of products available for people to buy. It works, too, because although not everyone can afford $60-80 for a game or a Blu-Ray disk, it’s much easier on the budget to buy a manga magazine or a light novel for $4-5.

In this vein, the Idolmaster Project released a new game last week (THE IDOLM@STER 2, say goodbye to Dom as his copy shipped today), and is following that up with an anime in April and two new manga projects that started this week: Idolmaster 2 – Sleeping Beauty, and Idolmaster 2 – Colorful Days.

Idolmaster 2 Colorful Days

Iori and Yayoi want you to buy their new manga, too!

Does this media mix strategy work on you? Have you ever bought a manga version of a property that started off as something else?


2 Responses to "Manga Mondays: Media Mix tie-ins"

I highly recommend the Index and Railgun manga, as they are much easier to understand than the super-dense, often-extraneous novels.

And hey, why is “nice knowing you dom” a tag?!

I’d never really thought about it before as a marketing strategy, but it definitely did work on me once: Slayers. If it exists in English, I own it, and that covers a fairly broad spectrum of material.

I would purchase everything Index related if any of it ever came stateside.

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