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Weird Wednesdays: Madoka Magica takes over Akihabara

Posted on: March 2, 2011

If you’ve been watching new anime this season, you may be watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And if you have been watching that show, you know about the various characters, including Madoka, Mami, and Kyubey (nicknamed QB by many Japanese fans). Perhaps you didn’t know that it’s gotten really popular in Akihabara and other otaku-oriented areas.

Make a contract with me!

Make a contract with QB... to buy a new laptop!

I can’t really do this story without any spoilers, but this happens in episode 1. QB wants Madoka to make a contract with him to become a Magical Girl; in return, she will get one wish. He asks more than once. QB asking for the contract has become a bit of a running gag.

Make a contract? Or get a haircut?

Make a contract? Or get a haircut?

And so it has become a running gag in Akihabara as well, as in the barber shop signboard picture above.


Madoka Magica manga volume 1 is sold out, but if you make a contract...

The show has become popular enough that the manga is sold out almost everywhere, and it was released on February 12.

We're back in stock! So make a contract!

The manga is back in stock! So make a contract!

And Toranoana’s Akihabara ‘A’ store (there’s more than one there) is probably the most QB-ed out.

More Madoka Magica stuff than you can shake a stick at.

I left out some of the more spoilery pictures, but there are plenty of those too. As you can see, Madoka Magica has captured the imagination of the viewing public, at least of people who watch latenight anime. Another sign? Well… I can’t leave this one out, it’s a spoiler but you will only get it if you know what happened. “Mami” has become a verb. As in, “I felt like I got Mami-ed.”

1 Response to "Weird Wednesdays: Madoka Magica takes over Akihabara"

Mami, no-hooooo! ;_;

Manly tears were shed that day.

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