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Weird Wednesday – Galgun update is shockingly less lewd

Posted on: March 23, 2011

As you may recall, I mentioned Galgun a couple of months ago. It is a video game where you shoot countless zombies girls with bullets pheromone shots and kill them “send them to heaven” in your quest to save bond with the girl of your dreams before the end of the day. Well, last week Galgun got a title update to screw with your head “fix some bugs”.

No low-angle shots for you.

And the biggest feature “bug” they broke “fixed” was the ability to view low angle shots in various modes. Well, let’s not mince words — they removed some panty shots from the game.

Why would they do this? Well, speculation is that Microsoft Japan twisted their arms. Why, in fact, would someone willingly install this update? Well, maybe you’d like the actual feature added, which is scene selection if you picked up another DLC that allowed for “underwater-mode” (a mode that puts the whole school underwater, putting the girls in swimsuits and making everyone slower and easier to shoot).

She's lost hope...

Or, you could just be like poor Hatako and get depressed. It’s up to you, I guess.


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