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April Fools 2011 mini-roundup

Posted on: April 1, 2011

April Fools Day is now over in Japan. It’s not really a big thing there, only really having much impact among a subculture of game, anime, and technology fans, but then again that’s what we cover here.

A few companies put in some extra effort on April Fools Day. Square Enix and A-1 Pictures put together a full (fake) trailer with animation and voice acting for a (fake) Working!! season 2 starring a whole new cast of characters from the (real) Nekogumi version of the comic.

When April 2 rolled around, they came back with a real trailer for the real season 2 of Working!!.

NitroPlus’ project Super Sonico produced a pretty good parody opening for their (fake) new anime, Puella Magi Sonico Magica. (NitroPlus was a collaborator on the Madoka Magica project.)

The Akiba Blog produced a picture of a (fake) police car with a cute girl picture painted on it.

Not a real police car.

And Hokkaido-based bus company Engan Bus Co. released details on their new “Moe-girl ticket” series… wait, this is real?

Shockingly not an April Fool's joke.

I guess it is real. Sometimes the best jokes are the ones that aren’t jokes. Have you heard of any other good ones from this year?

2 Responses to "April Fools 2011 mini-roundup"

Oh, and as a public service announcement: Madoka Magica episode 11 did not air this week. No official announcement has been made as to when it will be broadcast on the air and via web streaming. So, don’t get fooled by anything that claims to be Madoka 11 today.

I totally got trolled by the supposed Madoka 11 today. I wish I read this before I checked it out.

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