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Hyadain, the One-Man Band – Tuesday Tunes

Posted on: April 5, 2011

Have you guys gone and watched Nichijou/My Ordinary Life yet? I haven’t! But I recently noticed the credits for its opening song, “Hyadain no ka-ka-kata*omoi” (“Hyadain’s un-un-unrequited*love”). Maeyamada Ken’ichi, also known as Hyadain, has been one of my favorite remixers for years, and it was a big surprise to see his music featured in an anime.

From this quirky op, you can see lots of Hyadain’s musical trademarks – chiptune sensibilities, and a whole lot of backing himself up with falsetto. Check after the jump for more of his work, from cute and harmless Dragon Quest remixes to slightly risque love songs to Mega Man.

I first discovered Hyadain through his Street Fighter II remix, which uses only sounds from the original Street Fighter II game for its music, with all voices and lyrics by Hyadain.

Here’s a silly, slightly NS4W remix of Crashman’s theme:

And, my personal favorite, a duet between Hoimin and Ryan, AKA Healie and Ragnar from Dragon Quest IV. It’s full of nostalgic fuzzy feelings!

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