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This is a manga about punching. If you don't want punching, go somewhere else.With Trigun experiencing a revival with the upcoming movie, I was originally going to talk about Trigun Maximum in this space. Then, I realized that Trigun is over a decade old and many of you have already read it. On top of that, my copy of Yasuhiro Nightow’s latest manga, Kekkai Sensen (roughly, “Blood World Battlefront”) came in the mail, and I spent some time checking out his new work.

It’s an interesting little modern fantasy manga, but I don’t know how much of my interest comes from the fact that Nightow is behind it and how much of it comes out of the actual quality of the art and story. After all, Nightow himself said that the manga exists because he wanted to make “a manga where people shout out the names of their attacks,” and there’ no more generic manga type than the fighting fantasy.

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Now this is the Trigun I remember...While it may be small news to some people that FUNimation picked up the license for a 12-year-old anime that has already seen at least three home video releases, there’s more here than meets the eye. I’m actually quite excited about FUNimation’s Trigun rescue announcement from this weekend’s KatsuCon.

Remember, the Trigun movie is coming this year, and FUNimation’s licensing likely foreshadows a domestic movie release. If it doesn’t, I’ll be highly disappointed, but FUNimation hasn’t disappointed me for such things before. Late 2010 is probably too optimistic, so let’s keep our eyes out for an early 2011 American release!

The logo gets things right.

My gosh! Who was expecting this?

Dragon Ball Kai, meet your American cousin, Dragon Ball Z Kai. FUNimation finally let the cat out of the bag today, posting the above logo with the title “The Answer is Yes.” There isn’t much to say beyond that – FUNimation hit it big with the original Dragon Ball Z, so it’s only natural that they acquire and release the recently edited/censored  remake of the mega-hit sci-fi action series..

The problem is that FUNimation has already started releasing a repackaged and remastered version of DBZ here in the states, so it remains to be seen if people will want to buy Dragon Ball yet another time. However, DBZ has strong numbers and FUNimation’s usually a pretty shrewd dealer, so with any luck and a patient timeline, they’ll be more than fine. It’s just that the timing is a little strange for this announcement, since it’ll be a few more months before the Dragon Boxes finish their run and avoid bumping into the new Kai series.

It sure doesn't look like a zombie story, does it?


Highschool of the Dead, the long-dormant horror-action manga from Satou Shouji and Satou Daisuke, is coming back in a big way this year. After over a year on hiatus, the Western-style zombie apocalypse manga is not only restarting its manga in March’s Dragon Age manga magazine, but it is also set to confirm the existence of an animated TV series project.

Highschool of the Dead is a series I’m really looking forward to, as it brings a lot to the table for fans of zombie movies. The story is pretty basic, as with all zombie stories – a plague outbreak has turned a large portion of the country’s population into flesh-eating zombies. In the midst of the chaotic outbreak, a small group of uninfected high school students team up with the school nurse to find a way out of the danger zone alive. It’s full of references and homages to its predecessors, from Day of the Dead and 28 Days Later to Shaun of the Dead, and it’s a lot of fun to read. Check it out! I command you! It’s even fun for a horror wuss like myself.