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Kekkaishi!With the recent rush to get the newest and shiniest new shows, it’s nice to see today’s press release from VIZ, which is about a relatively old show (which, these days, means “more than 2 months old”), Kekkaishi. The 52-episode action series, which originally aired between 2006 and 2008, will start airing on Adult Swim on May 29.

Kekkaishi is a pretty good series as far as shounen fantasy goes – unlike many in its genre, it manages to get from point A to point B in the plot without getting horrifically sidetracked for weeks at a time, and is pretty entertaining while it does so.VIZ already streams the show for free via Hulu and VIZ Anime, but the Adult Swim broadcasts will allow the show to get a much-deserved wider audience. The show comes highly recommended to those of you who’re tired of the generic filler-filler-fight fare from other shounen fantasy/action shows (not that I’m naming names or anything). For more information, check out VIZ Anime’s page for the supernatural series, which tells you all about Yoshimori and Tokine, two teens who have inherited the power to defend their homes from monsters.