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I mean it, it's not like Gash Bell at all.

Demon baby come to earth. Totally not Gash Bell, though.

The latest Shonen Jump project to get a TV anime is Beelzebub, as announced in this week’s edition of the manga anthology. Tamura Ryuuichi’s high school battle comedy is scheduled to start airing in January 2011. The manga stars hot-headed, dim-witted delinquent Oga Tatsumi, also known as “Ogre,” who finds himself in the unfortunate position of playing foster father to a demon baby named Beelzebub. In order to rid himself of the troublesome and deadly infant, he has to wade his way through the worst of the worst at his high school while still keeping the lightning-shooting infant safe.

With the usual blunt instruments of Jump anime, a huge amount of talent has been assembled to play the leads, from Konishi Katsuyuki (Kamina, Gurren Lagann) as Oga and Sawashiro Miyuki (fricking everything) as baby Beelzebub to Toyosaki Aki (Yui, K-On!) in the role of Kunieda Aoi, the strongest girl at school.

Yeah, I don’t know how that last casting will work either, but I am trying my hardest to ignore the existence of this anime, since the manga is pretty forgettable. What’s that, you say? One of the main characters is a busty demon maid? Well, crap.

Fukou da!

Image from DenDen House

Comic Market 78 came and went with a great deal of fanfare last weekend, and animation studios didn’t miss the opportunity to tease hundreds of thousands of fans with their upcoming shows. If you’re willing to endure the sound being drowned out by the buzz of a convention floor, hit the jump and check out previews for highly anticipated shows like To Aru Majutsu no Index II and Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai, as well as quirky dark horses like Shinryaku Ika Musume and S&M comedy MM!

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Before she was Oshino Shinobu, she was Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade.


If the second season of the criminally undersold Arakawa Under the Bridge didn’t wow you, don’t worry – the prequel to Nisio Isin’s famed ghost story series Bakemonogatari is going to be animated by Shaft soon. With Kizumonogatari in the pipes, fans can now rest assured that the hit 2009 anime is going to get much, much more anime. Kizumonogatari takes place before Bakemonogatari, and covers the strange sequence of events that turned Koyomi into a vampire, then cured him. Also of interest, it shows how Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade became the quiet little Lolita she is in the main story. No date or format has been announced for the new series, which is probably for the best.

With this announcement, it becomes very safe to say that every -monogatari story in the series is going to get its turn getting animated by the overworked people at Shaft. Whether or not they’ll be completed in time for release is another question entirely, thanks to the now-infamous missing scenes scattered throughout the Bakemonogatari anime. That’s good, because the hard-working Nisio Isin is scheduled to bring out a new novel every three months until December of next year.

Not content with finishing up Nekomonogatari (“Tsubasa Tiger”) in October, he’s following them up with Keimonogatari (“Mayoi Jiang-Shi”) in December and Hanamonogatari (“Suruga Devil”), Otorimonogatari (“Nadeko Medusa”), Onimonogatari (“Shinobu Time”), and Koimonogatari (“Hitagi End”) in 2011. Shaft’s going to fall behind at this rate – but then again, no one really expects them to be on time anymore.

In other news, this is the most hyphens I have ever used in a single post. I felt like mentioning that.

No, it's not actually like Inception.

Dream stories are hot. Thanks, Inception!

Minor manga rag Manga Time Kirara Forward has announced on the cover that fantasy action title Yumekui Merry (Dream-eating Merry) is getting the anime treatment. If you haven’t heard of Manga Time Kirara in general, I don’t blame you – it’s mostly known for K-On! and Doujin Work, neither of which really made it big in manga form.

The story of Ushiki Yoshitaka’s manga starts with Fujiwara Yumeji, a boy who can walk in other people’s dreams and observe them. One day, he bumps into Merry Nightmare, a denizen of dreams who has managed to cross over into the real world. Like so many other manga protagonists, he gets sucked into a fight with other dream denizens, not nearly as benevolent (or cute) as the Dream Eater Merry.

No date is yet announced for this adaptation, but based on the timing of the announcement, I suspect that we’re going to see this coming to TBS and BS-TBS in late 2010/early 2011.


Go to DMC! Go to DMC!

Well, it’s about time. Viz Pictures has announced that a release plan for the 2008 Detroit Metal City movie. DMC is the live action adaptation of Wakasugi Kiminori’s comedy manga about a simple country boy named Negishi Soichi, who fronts a death metal band as the demonic Johannes Krauser II (pictured above). Their current schedule is not yet solid, but a DVD release is coming this fall, which will most likely be accompanied by a limited theater release, a la 20th Century Boys and Death Note.

I saw the movie while I was in Japan back in August 2008, and it was hilarious. I’ve fallen out of love with the manga in recent years because it got too crazy and aggressive over time, turning the main character into an unlikeable font of schizophrenic rage; as a 100-minute movie, it felt just right as a cheesy, funny look at a man struggling between what he likes and what he’s good at. Matsuyama Ken’ichi’s (L from Death Note) portrayal of Negishi mixes comedic buffoonery with just enough tragedy to keep you sympathetic. Plus, you can’t hate a movie that gives you the pleasure of hearing Gene Simmons say “Kill him, Metal Buffalo!” It’s just not possible.

Hit the jump for the official movie trailer and a bonus music video from the original promotional campaign.

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This may be the closest we get to a Daibanchou anime.In a surprise first strike in the spring anime sweepstakes, the Anime Network just announced that it will be streaming the April fantasy/comedy anime Ichiban Ushiro no Daimao from its Anime Network Online site.  The former division of ADV Films will start streaming the show on Friday, April 2. Hit the jump for the text of the network’s press release – the best news is that the series will be available to all registered users, and won’t require the purchase of an Anime Network subscription. Hurray for gateway drugs!

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This is a manga about punching. If you don't want punching, go somewhere else.With Trigun experiencing a revival with the upcoming movie, I was originally going to talk about Trigun Maximum in this space. Then, I realized that Trigun is over a decade old and many of you have already read it. On top of that, my copy of Yasuhiro Nightow’s latest manga, Kekkai Sensen (roughly, “Blood World Battlefront”) came in the mail, and I spent some time checking out his new work.

It’s an interesting little modern fantasy manga, but I don’t know how much of my interest comes from the fact that Nightow is behind it and how much of it comes out of the actual quality of the art and story. After all, Nightow himself said that the manga exists because he wanted to make “a manga where people shout out the names of their attacks,” and there’ no more generic manga type than the fighting fantasy.

More after the jump!

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It wasn't my thing, but it should find an audience.In a surprise move, NIS America, the American branch of Nippon Ichi Software, announced that it has moved into the American anime industry. The press release listed four anime titles that are set to be translated and released on DVD (and who knows, maybe via streaming or download): Toradora!, the 2008 vehicle for tsundere queen Kugimiya Rie, Persona -trinity soul-, the anime sequel to popular RPG Persona 3, Pandora Hearts, a strange gothic fantasy that borrows from Alice in Wonderland, and Our Home’s Fox Deity, a modern fantasy about an ancient spirit protecting a family from demon attacks.

It’s interesting that Toradora! went this long without an American company picking it up, and the other shows on the list are pretty interesting grabs too; even more interesting is how NIS America’s entry into the anime market will shake things up (if at all). More speculation on that after the jump.

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Omamori Himari, the show that just likes to service its fans.

Thanks, Photoshop, we needed you!

If you’ve watched anime enough, you know what “Steam Girls” are, even if you haven’t heard the term before. “Steam Girls” refers to a time-honored anime tradition: in the obligatory “onsen episode,” the animators show a bunch of naked girls in a bath house, but cover their naughty bits with artfully placed bands of steam to avoid the wrath of the TV censors. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu has perhaps the most hilarious variation on this decades-old workaround, doing visual gymnastics with everything from butterflies to rubber duckies to keep the viewer from seeing anything truly indecent.

In recent years, advertising revenues have plummeted, and DVD sales have become more and more important to the success or failure of a TV series. Accordingly, the focus of steam censorship has shifted away from making the show fit for TV, and has become a way of telling pervy fans “Buy the show on DVD and we’ll take this digital steam away for your viewing pleasure!” This season, the censorship has hit new heights (or new lows, depending on who you talk to) with the shows Omamori Himari, Seikon no Qwaser, and Ladies versus Butlers!

This week’s episodes of Omamori Himari and Ladies versus Butlers were especially butchered, with giant ham-fisted white splotches all over the screen (see above – other sites have more screen caps, or you can see it yourself on Crunchyroll) that basically scream “I am a crippled version of this show!”

Do you think it’s smart business, or does it just annoy you these days?

Over on Kadokawa Anime’s YouTube channel, they’ve posted a trailer for the second half of Omamori Himari, or as they call it, the “Hardcore” portion of the series. According to the trailer, the already service-heavy boobs-‘n’-brawls series is about to introduce the most popular character from the source material, yandere queen Quess. The short video also promises that the show is about to become “Sexier, wilder, and more dangerous,” so those of you who are already watching the show should be pleased at the progress it’s making. Those of you who are ignoring it, feel free to keep ignoring it…

And those of you who are still reading, I ask you: how messed up is this Himari figure from CharaAni, where the main feature is the sliding panties? I mean, really?