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FUNimation is doing everything it can to get you excited about a release that’s not only a remake of a 15-year-old anime, but a cleaned-up release of a DVD they released just last year.

If you’re still interested in Evangelion 1.11 in spite of the fact that there are only 3 minutes of truly new footage (the rest of it is a video transfer fix from some issues with Evangelion 1.01), you should check out some of the many, many trailers FUNimation has put up in anticipation of the March 9th release of the high-definition release of the Evangelion remake. FUNi has even been kind enough to put everything in a single Evangelion 1.11 YouTube playlist so you can see what you’re in for.

Convincing people to buy the same product twice is always a tough sell, and I see FUNimation facing a bit of an uphill battle with so much Eva out there already – are any of you going to buy this one? If so, why?

One Mario having fun, one Mario as an excuse to run around in a bikini top.

Which Mario would you rather see? I know my answer.

The inspiration for week’s talking point comes from the flood of cosplay pictures that accompany every Comic Market, which remind me of how much of a cosplay snob I am. By “cosplay snob,” I don’t mean that I hold cosplayers to a high level of quality (though I do tend to poke fun at the more obvious corners they cut). No, I judge cosplayers by how much fun they’re having, and I think more people should as well.

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All joking aside, it’s pretty interesting to see what the Japanese public likes in terms of anime songs, and Joysound’s annual karaoke rankings are a good indicator of just that. This year, the ’90s hit “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” was the most-sung anime song in the Joysound system, due to the release of Evangelion 2.0. It topped other nostalgic classics like “Touch” (#7) as well as new hits like the theme song from Ponyo (#4) and the ending song of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (#8).

Hit the jump for a full listing. (via Anime! Anime!)

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The long-awaited domestic DVD release of the Neon Genesis Evangelion remake movie, Evangelion: 1.01 You Are (Not) Alone, is coming on November 17th. To give people an idea of just how much the old Eva horse has been rejuvenated by the remake, FUNimation has posted a whopping eight and a half minutes of the movie on YouTube.

I’m not personally an Eva fan, but holy crap, this looks (and sounds!) good. No wonder it did so well back in 2007.