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WARNING: The audio on this video is only mildly safe for work!

Alchemist, which is mostly an 18+ port and license company (they released the console version of Koihime Musou, for example), announced one of the weirdest titles in years yesterday: Gal Gun. Based on a pun between Gan (gun) and Gan (eyeball), it’s the heartwarming story of how a regular boy is shot with Cupid’s arrow and becomes mega-popular for a day.

Somehow, this turns into a gun game where you “shoot” girls and they emit hearts at you and moan. Amusingly, most of the comments around this are “Man, this is a stupid idea. Where can I pre-order?” The game comes out this winter for Xbox 360, and it may end up outselling expectations simply because it’s so weird.

Thanks, Japan.

Aww, Usa-kun...

This is Usa-kun. Get it? And no, he's not related to Hetalia.

Pixel Mari-tan started as a Moetan-style joke book about teaching Japanese students the kind of English you learn in boot camp. Most of its English lessons came straight from R. Lee Ermey’s mouth, for crying out loud. But the military-obsessed comedy kept growing in popularity, and now they have released a manga with the blessing of the Japanese Self-Defense Force and the US Military to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security Between the United States and Japan.

The story is about Arai Anzu (Alliance, get it?) and a boy named Usa-kun from America. It mixes comedy with international politics, using Usa-kun and Anzu’s home life to explain what alliances are, how democracy works, and how the American military operates.

It’s actually pretty funny, though it hasn’t been translated yet. Still, thanks to the wonders of manga, it’s easy to understand, so take a look and see the cutesified version of America’s military structure. As an extra bonus, this one doesn’t talk about sucking golf balls through garden hoses or steers and queers, unlike their other books.

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Presented for your consideration: Hirano Kohta from High School of the Dead:

Megane? Megane!He’s a fat, sharpshooting otaku with a glasses fetish and a yen for military hardware.

Also presented for your consideration: Hirano Kouta, the author of Hellsing, as of his appearance at Anime Expo in 2005:


Back then, when they announced the Hellsing Ultimate OVA, he went on the record as saying he has a glasses fetish. Does he have a gun fetish, too? You be the judge:

Seras Victoria with her Harkonnen... and more.According to the Japanese Wikipedia, Hirano Kouta himself is very much aware of his manga doppelganger. He put a note in one of his Hellsing afterwords that said “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill zombies at my high school.”

There are definitely worse ways to be paid homage.

Expect a whole lot of this.

Expect a whole lot of this.

With the spring anime season already set, the bulk of the news at next week’s Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 will involve the summer and beyond, and the news ramp-up to the big trade show is starting – the Roanapur Tourism Commission, which produces popular action-exploitation series Black Lagoon, announced the long-awaited third season of Black Lagoon will be released as an OAV series titled “Roberta’s Blood Trail.” The first disc will go on sale on July 17th, and the entire season will run 5 discs.

The 5 episodes will presumably cover the long, bloody “El Beile de la Muerte” arc of the manga. Those of you who want to see more of Black Lagoon‘s patented gun porn will be pleased at this announcement, and I’m personally happy that the overly long Baile arc will be finished quickly, since I felt it dragged out way too long.

Image from ZEN, the artist for the Little Busters! mangaAngel Beats! is on its eighth trailer now, and for once, you’re actually getting animation and the voices to match it. After months of teases involving staff names, stills, interviews, and a half-second of actual animation, the latest trailer actually shows the anime in a semi-completed form.

The story of Angel Beats! provides a slight twist on the usual school life formula, as all of the characters – except the angel, who fills the role of the antagonist – are dead and experiencing the afterlife. Given the pedigree of scenario writer Maeda Jun (Clannad, Air, Kanon), expect a whole lot of character exploration in each episode, which should be interesting given the action-heavy bent of the trailers. We’ll see how it all comes together when it premieres on April 2nd!