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Last week, Lantis went ahead and released a Love Live! trailer that actually shows you what the song sounds like outside of the instrumentals. Is it cute? Eh… I guess. Is it catchy? It’s okay, I guess.

Is it so bad that it only sold 434 copies? …Yeah, kind of, especially in the animation and originality departments. You make the call.


Nice try, girls, but no dice.

Do you know what Love Live! is? Yeah, I bet you don’t. It’s a collaboration between Dengeki G’s magazine (Sister Princess), Lantis (a music label that includes Chihara Minori and Kuribayashi Minami), and Sunrise (Gundam) that seems aimed squarely at the iDOLM@STER crowd. The formula seems simple: take some relatively talented voice actresses and have them sing over cutely animated idols, then profit off of all the CDs and games.

At some point, though, the train to ludicrous guaranteed profits got derailed. Do you want to know how many copies the Love Live single “Bokura no Live, Kimira to no Life” sold in its first week after the August 25th release?

434. That is not a typo. Four hundred and thirty-four copies in its first week, good for 167th on the charts. Check after the jump on some of the reasons it failed so spectacularly.

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Do I still want to slap her? Maybe.

Macross fans who’ve been waiting for a year to hear about the second Macross Frontier movie now have a title and release date to hang their hat on. At last weekend’s Gira Summer Carnival fan event in Yokohama, Japan, the fans learned that Sayonara no Tsubasa (“Wings of Farewell”) will see a February 26th, 2011 release.

In the meantime, just like the release of the Universal Bunny album preceded the first movie, there will be a music video collection (a la Gurren Lagann Parallel Works) released on December 15 of this year. The DVD will collect footage from the TV series, add in some movie footage, and sprinkle in some original animation to create a new set of audio-visual feasts for fans to drool on.

It’s been five years after the first iDOLM@STER game took over arcades, which led to two highly successful Xbox 360 games, 4 portable versions, and a whole ton of concerts and CD releases. Last weekend, Namco Bandai announced the newest installment of the famous music-producing simulation: The iDOLM@STER 2.

Interestingly, the sequel is going straight to console this time, skipping the coin-op business entirely and jumping straight into the world of console sales and super-profitable DLC. The character designs and rendering engine have been updated and characters from the PSP version have replaced old favorites; most notably, though, the trailer includes the all-new song “The World is All One,” which has successfully wormed itself into my brain.

Oh, and extra love for the Namco 30th anniversary bumper. I could watch that all day.

Needs more chainsaws.

Image from VKL

ANN has dredged up the cast announcement for the live action drama based on Wallflower, and as expected, it’s full of popular young celebrities pulled straight from the Johnny’s Entertainment stable of boy bands.

Heading the list is Kamenashi Kazuya of from the hit factory KAT-TUN, who isn’t just another pretty face – he’s won acclaim for his acting in several roles, from his supporting role in Gokusen 2 to his star turn in Nobuta wo Produce. Two of his Johnny’s comrades will join him in supporting roles as two of the housemates: Uchi Hiroki and Tegoshi Yuuya of NEWS, whose acting skills are a bit more of an unknown than Kamenashi’s. The last member of the male cast is Miyao Shuntarou, a famous ballet dancer and model. Omasa Aya, a relatively new face in the world of Japanese drama, will take the title role of Sunako.

So, there you have it – one pop superstar who’s done some acting, three pretty faces, and the girl. Everything’s in place, and now it’s time to wait for the show to actually air. There’s a little bit of hope if Kamenashi and Omasa can carry the show, but otherwise I don’t really have much hope for the rest of the cast.

I like this image better than the album cover, which makes it look like Sheryl is a flat-chested giraffe girl.

The Macross Frontier movie recently came out in Japanese theaters, and while I won’t be able to get my grubby little hands on it for a while, I did manage to acquire a copy of the special album that comes with the movie, and it’s… a little hard to describe. With the wild success of the TV series’ music, the latest set of songs from famed composer Kanno Yoko had a lot to live up to, but between the talents of Kanno and the vocal range of May’n, who sings the Sheryl Nome role, they certainly made a strong run at it.

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Today’s Tuesday Tunes talks about two of the grand old men of anime music, Mizuki Ichirou and Kushida Akira. The two of them have combined for hundreds of anime and tokusatsu themes, and they’re two of the featured acts of the upcoming Kingrun Anime Song Kouhaku. Their songs are older than a lot of you (hell, a bunch are older than me), so it’s worth going back and showing some of you whippersnappers how anime music was done in the days before Haruhi dances and seiyuu/singer idols.

It was a manlier time.

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