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Yay Fumiko!

Don't cry, Fumiko, you've won an award now!

The pure news has died down a bit with the start of the new anime season (which I’m giving 2 weeks to mature before I start throwing out first impressions, so don’t worry, they’re coming). But this news about Fumiko’s Confession, one of my favorite shorts of last year, is great because it’s well deserved and saves me from having to post about how Mizuki Nana is now the Japanese voice of Animal Planet.

So if you haven’t watched excellent Fumiko’s Confession yet, please do – it’s now the award-winning Fumiko’s Confession. It’s after the jump.

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I... don't know how to feel about this show getting a third season.Did everyone have a good weekend? I spent most of it playing Tokimeki Memorial 4, but there was plenty of motion in the anime world. Among other things, we have a manga sequel to magical girl series Shugo Chara, an anime sequel to parody/history/moe anime Shin Koihime Musou, and a note of recognition for one of my favorite shorts of the year!

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You probably haven’t heard of independent animator Sugimoto Kousuke, but that’s okay – he’s mostly made his living doing short clips for TV shows over the past 5 years, and he hasn’t put very much of his work up on the usual media sites.

However, his latest animation, “The TV Show,” is up on YouTube in HD this week. It’s a pretty interesting work in its concept and use of color, and the techno piece composed by Manabe Takayuki goes very well with it, though I don’t think I’d ever listen to the track outside of this video.

Fumiko's ConfessionThis video has already made its way around the ‘net, but it’s worth adding to the chorus because it’s just so good. Ishida Hiroyasu (AKA Tete), a student at Kyoto Seika University’s animation department, made waves last weekend by posting an independently made anime short called Fumiko no Kokuhaku (“Fumiko’s Confession”) on various video sites. He directed, animated, and recorded the entire short himself, but did receive outside assistance on the 3D models, textures, and inbetweening.

I really like this short. The directing and storyboarding are good, the character designs fit the style well, and it’s riotously funny in an old-school Looney Tunes way. Ishida Hiroyasu may not be the next Shinkai, but he’s definitely worth watching in the future.

The full video and my translation are after the jump.

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